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The Crystal Method - Play For Real (Dirtyphonics Remix) (Official Video) (by UKFDrumandBass)

My face when:
lim   [(x-b)^50 -x+b]/ (x-b)

My face when:

lim   [(x-b)^50 -x+b]/ (x-b)



Listen live on kxua.uark.edu the University of Arkansas student radio!

TOTD: Killer 2K11 (Afrojack Remix) - FM Audio

Many of you know who Afrojack is.  For those of you who don’t he’s a great remixer and house producer, and this progressive house track is nothing less.  The original mix by FM Audio, now remixed by Afrojack rocks.  Check it out on the links BELOW…

Youtube link Yay!

Beatport link! Whooop!

DJs: 128 BPM, Mixes well with other house.  This track isn’t that long (Running at about 4:18) and is in the key of D# minor so be aware of your circle of fifths!

TOTD: Mystic Sunset (Original Mix) - DJ Marky, S.P.Y.

Coming straight from the Innerground label comes a body rocking and bass-tastic Drum and Bass Piece. 

Mystic Sunset.  This track was released along with another track titled Yellow Shoes, which I highly recommend as well.  These pieces integrate some nice female vocals without overdoing it (TONS of electronic songs overdo vocals).



Now for you Mixers out there this track is a drum and bass track.  Drum and bass drum beats come in varying rhythms so be sure when you mix this track, you have a VERY similar drum beat to this one.  Know your tracks!  This track rolls around 116 BPM and is in the key of D minor.  Keys don’t matter as much as beat matching for you DJs that aren’t making 7 figures a year.


TOTD: Epic (Original Mix) - Quintino and Sandro Silva

The Musical Freedom yet again releases another great Progressive House track.  The Musical Freedom is a label set up by Tiesto himself!  So you can’t doubt this.  This track is wild and crazy and you have GOT to check it out.  But only if you’re wild and crazy.

Youtube Link for you CRAZIES

Beatport. Best for DJing

Fine Print for you DJs.  Most of my TOTDs mix well, so I’d suggest throwing this in a good house set!

TOTD: Around The World (Original Mix) - Arty

Another Progressive house piece here today!  In case you guys didn’t know Progressive house is very well known for it’s HUGE build ups and not letting those build ups down.  I personally love Prog House much more than any other kind.  (other types of house are almost boring to me)  But this is always exciting and Around The World doesn’t let you down.  Not once.

Beatport for da mix!

Youtube for da dancers!

Mixes well.  By the way a lot of these TOTDs I download that same day and will mix it on my podcast. So look forward to that!

Digital Dance Club Podcast: The first 5 episodes!

So I actually never got around to posting these podcasts to a blog or even promoting them.  These podcasts are performed and recorded live on a local radio station in North West Arkansas.  KXUA 88.3  and can be listened to live every Wednesday night from 10pm to 12am CST.

Digital Dance Club #1

Digital Dance Club #2

Digital Dance Club #3

Digital Dance Club #4

Digital Dance Club #5

The podcast is not formatted at all.  I walk in, break out my gear and spin whatever is on my mind.

Hope you guys enjoy these episodes of Digital Dance Club and look forward to more to come!

TOTD: Raise - Hedonist Vs. Nhato

This is another great track of the day, brought to you only by Bass Cadet, me!.  This track, Raise, can be classified as Hard Dance or Tech Trance.  I feel it being a little bit of both.  It runs at about 134 BPM so it mixes well with other house and trance tracks.  Good addition to the collection if you ask me!

Youtube link for your listening pleasure!

Beatport for your spinning pleasure!

Not only that, but the picture for the track is minimalistic, and cool at the same time.